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AUGUST  artist of the month ... 


Our August Artist of the Month   represents the landscape photographic  imagery created by fine art photographer Deno Gettas.   His talent and experience as a landscape photographer and print maker is amply illustrated in this presentation.  And remember, our Annual Photography Contest is coming up this fall. Will these images inspire you to work on your entries?

“Deno Gettas: Landscape Photographer” can be viewed using the link below.

The Artist of the Month is presented in partnership with North Perth Arts and Culture Council and the North Perth Public Library, Listowel branch.


Artist  Participation  Information                         View artwork (video link)

The participant list is growing, make sure your name is on it. 

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Month:                              Artist: 


August                                                        Deno  Gettas                                                                           

September                 NPACC Annual September Member  Group Showcase                                    


October                      Guest Artist                                                                                                            

November                   Guest Artist                                                                                                             

December                   11th   Annual Amateur Photography Contest                                                   

                                              Rules and Guidelines 2021                            Entry Form   2021


                            More information and contact links are available on the NPACC web site
                                                            in the Talent Directory section.

                                    North Perth Public Library



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Call For Artists: expanded art display

The Artist of the Month program at the library is building with lots of good response from the public. They like it and so do we.The North Perth Library is also pleased with the success of the ongoing monthly displays. The program is being extended and so we are asking for artists in North Perth and surroundings to commit to having their work on display.

For booking information and availabilities, contact 


North Perth Arts Council supports Community of Character North Perth
                                                   July  trait is INCLUSION


The North Perth Arts and Culture Council is a participating member of
Community of Character North Perth.

For more information about
Community of Character North Perth



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ARTS Enrichment

NPACC members offer many opportunities to learn basic skills or advance your talents in visual arts or music.


COLOURED PENCIL ART  Do you want to learn more about coloured oil pencil art? NPACC member Sally Coxon is offering lessons for all interest levels in drawing, mixed media and her specialty, coloured pencil. From basic drawing and colouring techniques to more advanced challenges in composition. For more information contact Sally at 519 595 4460



Are you looking for other opportunities not currently listed here. Send your interest to



Established Artists

This category is for established artists and includes artists with an extensive body of work and with a history of national and international exhibitions and/or those who have achieved a wide degree of recognition. You must have at least 15 years of professional practice in order to apply to this category.

Mid-Career Artists

This category is for artists in mid-career and includes artists past the early stages of their professional career who have produced a reasonable body of work and may have a fair degree of public exposure. You must have at least 8 years of professional practice to apply to this category.

       Emerging Artists

      This category is for emerging artists and is reserved for artists in the early years of their professional career who may have a small exhibition record. You must have at least 3 years of professional practice to apply to this category.

Hobby / Amateur Artists

This category is for those who pursue any number of genres of artistic expression for personal interest and gratification.  Attending and participating in arts instruction classes, workshops and community shows is an important component in their artistic portfolio.

Student Artists

This category is for students enrolled in secondary school art courses, or post secondary students enrolled in an art program at the college or university level. 

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